We all live in a world with sounds. But in this world of “more of everything”, an increased level of noise has become the end product. Sometimes this is just an annoying element, on other occasions it can be harmful.

Our job is to solve the problem. We believe everyone should be able to continue to enjoy their everyday life, even if this is in a sometimes-noisy environment. We create earplugs that protect ears and hearing, without blocking out necessary sound. We want everyone to have happy ears.

About the Earplug.

Happy Ears are an improvement on the high-quality (but generally pricey) earplugs already available today. Their unique construction combines excellent noise reduction and sound reproduction.

Ordinary earplugs tend to muffle both lower and higher frequencies, which can lead to a tinny, muddy sound. Happy Ears, on the other hand, provide an average noise reduction of 25dB across all frequencies. This means the earplugs protect the ears from harmful noises while also retaining good sound quality and feeling.

Happy Ears are available in Small (Red) Medium (White) or Large (Black) and come in a custom made case so you can keep your Happy Ears in your bag or pocket.


The unique construction of Happy Ears—with a hardened “foot” at one end and a soft “leg” at the other—helps to preserve sound quality while providing high levels of protection and comfortable. Happy Ears are made from ABS in the core and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) on the outer surface. All materials used in the production of Happy Ears are medically approved so you can be sure you’re not putting anything in your ear that shouldn’t be there.

Clear Sound Quality

As well as the earplugs blocking the ear canal, the firm “foot” means that the sound reaching the ear is both clear and crisp. The unique 2XS (registered trademark) (clear acoustic system) means that while volume is reduced, sound quality is preserved.


When the earplug’s soft hat is placed in the outer ear, it automatically moulds itself according to the shape of the ear, becoming almost round. The soft material then tries to return to its original oval state and it is this, which creates pressure against the outer ear canal. This pressure means that the Happy Ears earplug fits securely and prevents sound from reaching the eardrum.


Happy Ears are easily placed in the ear canal with one hand. In comparison, other earplugs on the market have to be formed by the user so that they will fit. Not only can this be inconvenient, it can also lead to dirt and bacteria from hands making their way into the ear. Happy Ears are specifically designed so that they will stay in your ear while you’re sleeping and are completely silent when placed in your ear

Environmentally Friendly

Happy Ears contribute to sustainable development as they are reusable and can be washed by hand in a glass of water or even in a dishwasher.

About Us.

Happy Ears earplugs were created by Karl Berglund and Jukka Viitasara in Sweden in 2012. After sustaining serious ear problems as a consequence of a great passion for water-sports and wanting to prevent any further damage, Karl tested a plethora of earplugs on the market. The only solution: a pair of very expensive custom-made earplugs. Jukka had a more common need for earplugs, he liked rock concerts and was interested in the possibility of reducing the ever present background noise when sleeping, without completely blocking out his newborn daughter’s midnight cries. Although he searched for and tested many different products, none gave him the satisfactory combination of noise reduction, good sound and comfort.

Identifying a huge gap in the market, Karl and Jukka worked together with the goal to develop an earplug that would tick all of the boxes for function, design and reasonable pricing. The result: Happy Ears earplugs. Shortly after launch, Happy Ears were crowned the winner of the “Product of the Year 2012” for their revolutionary earplugs.

The company, the production and Karl and Jukka are based in Sweden, creating earplugs for everyone around the world.

Within Australia, Happy Ears (Happy Ears Australia) is managed by Pathtech Pty. Ltd. Pathtech is a Melbourne based company with 30+ years experience in the distribution and supply of a wide range of products.  For more information on Pathtech, check out www.pathtech.com.au

Founders and Creators of Happy Ears Jukka Viitasara and Karl Berglund

Founders and Creators of Happy Ears
Karl Berglund and Jukka Viitasara


Can you still have conversations with Happy Ears in or do you need to take them out?

Thanks to Happy Ears’ unique construction, yes, you can still have conversations without needing to take them out. They’re also comfortable enough to be kept in the ear all day and help those who work in noisy environments against potential hearing impairment from long-term exposure to excessive noise. Think of it as like turning down the volume on the stereo.

Are Happy Ears they reusable?

Yes, Happy Ears are reusable

How do I clean Happy Ears Earplugs?

You can clean Happy Ears in a glass of soapy water (don’t forget to rinse them afterward) or even in the dishwasher if you really feel like it.

How to insert Happy Ears:

Hold the base of the earplug. It can easily be inserted with one hand.

Insert the earplug into the ear. Adjust earplug until you achieve a seal in the ear canal. WARNING! Do not insert the earplug too deeply.

The soft cap of the earplug expands inside the ear and dampens the noise.

Here is the unique and recyclable earplug inserted correctly into the ear.

Handy Hints on Happy Ears

  • They go in bulb end first however don’t force deep into the ear they are actually meant to sit in until comfortable and you’ll notice the plastic actually expand to form a seal. Please don’t push in until discomfort is felt as this is a sign they are not in correctly
  • Initially the plastic will be firm however after use this actually softens to become more malleable and comfortable with use
  • Expectations: wearing Happy Ears will be different to your experience with other ear plugs – they don’t BLOCK noise, they filter it. Hence, after having them in for a while you may actually start to think they aren’t working as you’ll still be able to hear quite well. Only after taking them out will you be aware of all the sounds around you that were being toned down by the Happy Ears.
  • Lastly, allow 10 minutes for them to settle in once inserted

Buy Now.

Happy Ears earplugs are available to purchase online.

Simply select your preferred size and quantity and proceed to checkout.

If you would like to buy 60+ pairs of Happy Ears or would like delivery outside of Australia call 1800 079 447.

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