Happy Ears are perfect for a range of uses including getting a good night’s sleep, travelling, concerts and more.


“We produce specialised yeast for the production of Ethanol from organic industrial waste streams. In the process of drying the yeast we use air compressors in a very small space, which increases the noise levels. We found that normal earmuff did not allow us to talk to one another. When we tried Happy Ears, we found that the noise levels came down to a comfortable level and we were able to hear and comprehend (to some extent) one another and we did not have to shout.”

- Eduardo (Microbiogen)

“I recently traveled to South America for a month long holiday (lucky me!). Happy Ears were so much more comfortable to use on the plane than the traditional style of earplugs. They were instantly amazing as soon as I put them in. Smaller, more comfortable and just as effective for a good sleep on the plane.”

- Kelly (HR Manager)

“I have tried so may ear plugs over the years and these are by far the most comfortable and let me get the most restful sleep. I work night shifts as a nurse so I can’t risk turning up fatigued. They are so comfortable that I sometimes still have them in when I clock on!”

- Anonymous (Shift Worker)

“Happy Ears actually allows me to hear better. Wearing them means I can have breakfast meetings in cafes without constantly having to lean right in or ask people to repeat themselves. At work I can discreetly get on with complex jobs without asking everyone to be quiet so I can concentrate.  I pack them in my purse just as I would pack my keys. Love them.””

- Chris (Soda Communications)

“All of us love our Happy Ears.  We’ve been using them now for a few months in the noisy airport environment for receipt and dispatch of aircraft.  They allow us to hear while keeping the noise level down.   This also results in heightened awareness of our surroundings, therefore we view them as contributing to a safer work environment. Recently one of our girls lost her Happy Ears and had to revert to the old style ear plugs for one flight arrival/departure.  She said they were most uncomfortable and wasted no time in getting a new set of Happy Ears”

- Sue (Malaysian Airlines Darwin Airport Operations)

“I love living in a share house but the constant noise with TVs and music always on can be challenging, particularly when I’m trying to study. Happy Ears have been a life saver; I can now concentrate on what I’m trying to do without having to nag housemates to turn the volume down. Thanks to how they’re made as well I can still have conversations with housemates without them knowing I have earplugs in. It’s win-win. Simply put, Happy Ears are awesome”

- John (Student)

“After 30 odd years on the job as a carpenter and 8 years teaching I’ve seen far too many people suffer from hearing loss and take personal protection seriously. I’ve always used ear muffs but hated them, you have to take them off to speak to people and in the summer you run the risk of overheating. With Happy Ears there’s no more dealing with ear muffs or filthy foam earplugs, you just put them in when you arrive on site and then forget about them until knock off; easy”

- Andy (Carpenter)

“I work in a busy open plan office- I love that these earplugs let me block out some of the surrounding noise like people chatting and walking by. They are pretty discrete- most people don’t know I am wearing them. I am a big fan of the fact that they allow me to concentrate and minimise the distraction while still being able to hear my phone ring”

- Ari (Arthur J Gallagher Insurance Risk Manager)

“I have used a set of Happy Ears around home and on my bike- I found them comfortable, easy to clean and work perfectly for me. All in all, I find them great to use”

- Chris (Kellogg Joint Venture Gorgon Area Superintendent)

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